Founder and Executive Director

Dr. Magon Saunders, Sunday School Teacher, Divorce Support Group Facilitator, Author, and Forgiveness Advocate is the Founder and Executive Director of Forgive4 Health Ministries in Stone Mountain, Georgia. A forgiveness researcher, Magon is particularly interested in how forgiveness impacts the health of minorities, especially African Americans. Magon holds a doctoral degree in Health Sciences with a concentration in Global Health.  A Registered Dietitian, Magon has extensive experience working with diverse clients to improve their nutritional status and to manage their medical conditions. She has received numerous awards and commendations for her work in Georgia and across our nation, including the 2018 CDC Public Health Impact Award, the 2006 Community Services Award from former Georgia Governor, Sonny Perdue, and the 2006 Georgia Department of Public Health's Community Services Award.

Magon is passionate about making a difference, and believes that volunteerism is the best way to "pay it forward". She is a mother and  grandmother and resides with her family in Stone Mountain, GA.


Mrs. Stasea Austin, BS, MS, serves as Vice- Chair for Forgive4 Health Ministries and leads the organization activities in the absence of the Founder/ President. Stasea holds a BS in Psychology from Georgia State University and  completed coursework for her Masters in School Counseling at Capella University. Stasea currently resides with her family in Irving, TX.

She is passionate about helping  to ensure that this ministry outlives its founder and for reaching God's people all across the world



I am Sheika Saunders-Warmington. I am honored to be the treasurer for Forgive4 health ministry. I have a B.Sc degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance. MBA in Business Administration concentration in Human Resources. I have enjoyed over 7 years of a successful banking career. Despite my love for numbers, my love for people and service  supersedes the love for numbers, which explains my current occupation as a Flight Attendant.

I am excited about service and serving others. My motto is “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Outside of my work life, I enjoy spending quality time with my family, traveling, experiencing new cultures and volunteering to advance humanity.

“When you forgive, you in no way change the past- but you sure do change the future.” Bernard Meltzert


Pamela  Barnes holds a BS in Sociology, (University of Michigan); a MS in Health and Human Services with a Specialty in Community Services (Capella University); and a  MS in Early Childhood Education from Grand Canyon  University. Pamela is the Board Secretary for Forgive4 Health Ministries.Pamela Barnes is a mother of three children – Michael, a High School football coach and Rehab Officer; Priscilla, a VSU graduate, is Assistant manager at Finders Keepers Boutique and Media manager for all three stores; and Christopher who serves as Firearms Control in the United States Navy. She has 5 grandchildren – Cheyanne, Derrian, Mikiah, Isaac and Evelyn. She is a retired Paraprofessional from the City Schools of Decatur.Pamela gave her life to the Lord in 1978 and never looked back. She became a member of The Tabernacle in 1995 while under the pastor ship of Roger Brumbalow and worked in the church nursery under Ms. Kathy and is a current and long standing volunteer in the Tabernacle Food Pantry, in addition to being a long`standing member of  the Emmaus Community. She came out of retirement and is now in her 2nd year as a teacher at Sand Preschool in Decatur, GA.         

Pastoral Leader-Rev. Emanuel Williams, M.Div

Rev. Williams was born and raised in San Francisco, California. In 1953, he completed his undergraduate degree at the University of California, Berkeley. In 1954, he entered the army as an infantry 2nd lieutenant and served for twenty-eight years to include two tours in Vietnam. During his service in the army, he was actively involved in the army chapel program and the Officers Christian Fellowship. Upon

his retirement from the army as a lieutenant colonel, Rev. Williams sensed a call to ministry and completed a Masters of Divinity degree at Emory University in 1984. He was ordained by the Georgia District in 1988 and has served as chaplain at the Georgia Baptist Hospital in Atlanta from 1985-2002. He subsequently served Healthcare Representative with the Chaplaincy Department of the Headquarters of the Assemblies of God denomination from 2002 until his retirement in 2009. During the period 1985 – to the present, Rev. Williams served as an associate pastor at local Assemblies of God churches in the Atlanta area and currently serves as Visitation Pastor for the Tabernacle Assemblies of God church in Decatur, Georgia. He and his wife, Thelma, were married for fifty-five years until her death in 2012. Emanuel has three adult children and five grandchildren.



Other Team Members include Pastors, Health Coaches, Behavioral Scientists, Registered Dietitians, Nurses, and other Forgiveness Advocates.

Call us at 404-500-9200 for more details about our team or to volunteer at our ministry.


"But if you refuse to forgive others, your heavenly Father will not forgive your sins".-GOD

Forgive for Health Ministries, Inc. exists to help all people to forgive. We offer forgiveness assessments, workshops, conferences, retreats, books, courses, and forgiveness circles, etc. to empower attendees to forgive those who have transgressed against them. We work with churches, other places of worship, hospitals, clinics, health systems, schools, work sites, families, etc. to assess forgiveness levels and to use that information to start the journey to healing and restoration. Forgive for Health Ministries, Inc. and its leaders believe in whole-person care and recognize the importance of healing the body, mind, soul, and spirit.

Incorporated in 2019, Forgive for Health Ministries works with willing individuals to heal all their relationships for good. We are committed to using all of our energy to work alongside God to restore health to his people.

Forgiveness and its healing power have been critical in the life of our founder who has faced abuse, abandonment, and a host of adverse childhood experiences, trauma, and other life-altering events. Yet, today, Dr. Saunders’s main desire is to help those who have experienced trauma to come into the light of forgiveness.

Here is a little more about our organization:

Vision: People living free of unforgiveness and all its consequences.

Mission: Forgive for Health Ministries exists to help individuals to forgive those who transgress against them, so that they can walk in freedom and thrive.

Values: Integrity, Honesty, Love, Respect, Compassion, Quality, and Christian Service

Integrity: We are upstanding in all we do and are guided by decency and fairness.

Honesty: We are honest, open, and transparent in all of our dealings.

Love: We strive to show all people the love of Christ.

Respect: We respect and listen to every person.

Compassion: We show the compassion of Christ to all we meet.

Quality: We provide high-quality service and work with excellence as unto Christ.

Christian Service: We follow Christ’s leadership in service to all mankind.

Value Statement: Healing all relationships for good!

Program Goals:

1. To encourage health care providers to assess the forgiveness levels of all patients and to refer them to appropriate “caring’’ professionals or ministries.

2. To help all individuals to forgive, so that they can live free from the shackles of unforgiveness.

3. To implement trauma-informed care in African Americans and other minorities, so that they can “thrive”, thereby reducing health disparities.

4.  Work to build awareness and the evidence-base for addressing religion, education, food insecurity, transportation, and other social determinants of health.

5.  Serve as a bridge between faith-communities and public health to improve population health.

                                                              Birth of a Ministry

After years of working with divorcees, Dr. Saunders noticed that many who were unforgiving were more ill and often could not complete programs such as Divorce Care in their recommended format. Many of these divorcees reported illnesses such as hypertension, arthritis, diabetes, and chronic back pain. While working on her doctoral degree, Dr. Saunders discovered an evidence-based literature that documented the connection between unforgiveness and chronic back pain. This article led her to start more research into this topic, and ultimately, Magon settled on completing her research on forgiveness and health in Black divorcees. This research resulted in the publication of the peer-reviewed article,

“Can Christian Divorce Support Groups influence Forgiveness and Health Outcome in Black Divorcees: A Phenomenological Investigation” in the Journal of Divorce and Remarriage.

After publishing this article, Magon continued to build her knowledge in this area, but shortly afterwards, she started feeling a call to start a ministry to help people to forgive. Already too busy to take on anything new, and not an ordained minister, Magon tried to resist this call for months and came up with several excuses about why this was not for her. But finally, she surrendered in 2015 and started this ministry as an inter-church program. This has allowed her to take the message of forgiveness across the U.S. and the world. Since then, Dr. Saunders and her team have developed courses, books, and other resources to assist individuals to forgive.

In 2018, Forgive for Health Ministries hosted its first annual conference and filed for incorporation in the winter of 2019.The ministry truly aims to help individuals recover from life’s trauma and to get them to move into a new life free of the burden of unforgiveness.

So, call us and let us help to heal all your relationships for good.

Contact information:

Email: forgive4health@gmail.com

Phone: 404-500-9204 

(Domestic non-profit Organization #16992354)