Dr. Magon Saunders, Sunday School Teacher, Divorce Support Group Facilitator, Author, and Forgiveness Advocate is the Founder and Executive Director of Forgive4 Health Ministries in Stone Mountain, Georgia. A forgiveness researcher, Magon is particularly interested in how forgiveness impacts the health of minorities, especially African Americans. Magon holds a doctoral degree in Health Sciences with a concentration in Global Health.  A Registered Dietitian, Magon has extensive experience working with diverse clients to improve their nutritional status and to manage their medical conditions. She has received numerous awards and commendations for her work in Georgia and across our nation, including the 2006 Community Services Award from former Georgia Governor, Sonny Perdue, and the 2006 Georgia Department of Public Health's Community Services Award.

Magon is passionate about making a difference, and believes that volunteerism is the best way to "pay it forward". She is a mother and  grandmother and resides with her family in Stone Mountain, GA.

Mrs. Stasea Austin, BS, MS (in process)  serves as Vice- Chair for Forgive4 Health Ministries and lead the organization activities in the absence of the Founder/ President. Stasea holds a BS in Psychology from Georgia State University and  completed coursework for her Masters in School Counseling at Capella University. Stasea currently resides with her family in Irving, TX.



Other Team Members include Pastors, Chaplains, Health Coaches, Behavioral Scientists, Registered Dietitians, Nurses, and other Forgiveness Advocates.

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Pamela  Barnes, BS in Sociology, MS, in Health and Human Services with a Specialty in Community Services (Capella University)and a  MS in Early Childhood Education from Grand Canyon  University is the Board Secretary for Forgive4 Health Ministries.Pamela Barnes is a mother of three children – Michael, a High School football coach and Rehab Officer; Priscilla, a VSU graduate, Assistant manager and Media manager for Finders Keepers Boutique; and Christopher who serves as Firearms Control in the United States Navy. She has 5 grandchildren – Cheyanne, Derrian, Mikiah, Isaac and Evelyn. She is a retired Paraprofessional from the City Schools of Decatur.Pamela gave her life to the Lord in 1978 and never looked back. She became a member of The Tabernacle in 1995 while under the pastor ship of Roger Brumbalow and has served in many events at The Tabernacle, in addition to working in the church nursery under Ms. Kathy and volunteering in the food pantry.She came out of retirement and is in her 2nd year as a teacher at Sand Preschool in Decatur. 


"But if you do not forgive others their sins, your heavenly Father will not forgive your sins"



About Our Ministries


People living free of unforgiveness and all its consequences.


Forgive4 Health Ministries exists to help individuals to forgive those who transgress against them, so that they can walk in freedom and thrive.

  The Birth of a Ministry

After spending more than ten years working with divorcees, Dr. Saunders felt led to complete her dissertation research on the topic of forgiveness and health in African American divorcees. After years of extensive research, and the successful defense and publication of her research, Dr. Saunders was moved by the peer-reviewed evidence on forgiveness, and its impact on all people, but especially African Americans. As Magon struggled with this new knowledge, she was constantly reminded through her work in public health and clinical care about the high burden of chronic diseases impacting many Americans. The impact of unforgiveness was even more pronounced as Magon struggled to help many of her clients to lose weight, manage their diabetes, or control their hypertension. Many of these patients had become polypharmacys, but remain “stuck” until the deeper issues of unforgiveness, bitterness, and anger in their lives was addressed. Seeing the impact of completing forgiveness assessments and facilitating the forgiveness process in the clinical setting, and the resulting transformation in patients, is the impetus behind this ministry. Forgive 4 Health Ministries has functioned as a inter-church ministry for years, but held its first forgiveness conference in September, 2018, and was officially incorporated in December of 2018. 

We know:

That no one should prescribe unless they assess, and we believe that a forgiveness assessment should be a part of that process.

    That unforgiveness impacts the onset, control, and management of heart diseases, hypertension, diabetes, obesity, etc.

      That health is a state of physical, mental, social, and spiritual well being, and not just the absence of diseases, therefore, as clinicians we must consider the spiritual side of our patients.
      That Forgive4 Health Ministries exists to be that bridge between the church and the health systems, and to be an advocate for completing forgiveness assessment for all patients.

                                                                      Program Goals

    To encourage health care providers to assess the forgiveness levels of African Americans and other patients, and to refer them as appropriate to other “caring professionals.

    To help  African Americans to forgive those who transgress against them, so that they can live to see their great grandchildren.

    To eliminate health inequalities in African Americans, so that they can “thrive”.


                                                           Programs and Services

    • Individual and group forgiveness assessments
    • Group forgiveness workshops
    • Forgiveness training, curriculum development, and continuing education courses
    • Forgiveness research and survey design and implementation
    • Personal forgiveness consultations
    • Books and other educational resources on forgiveness, divorce, nutrition, and health.etc.
    • Forgiveness program development and evaluation
    • Health coaching, diet counseling, and supermarket tours
    • Divorce mediation, pre-marital counseling, and family support
    • Support groups and programs to strengthen families, and communities


      We come to Churches, family reunion groups, worksites, health systems, and others interested in scheduling   forgiveness and health workshops. Let us help you “heal all your relationships for good”. Call us at 404-500-9204 for a free initial consultation.


    *Please check out our programs and services page and our Web Store to locate tools and resources for your personal and organizational needs.

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