Summers are Made for Memories: What do you Remember Fondly about the Summers of Your Life?

Posted by on July 20, 2019 at 9:50 PM

Summers are made for Memories: What do you Remember Fondly about the summers of your life?

In a recent staff meeting, I was asked to participate in an ice-breaker by sharing a favorite summer memory. At that time, I shared excitedly about summers growing up in Jamaica when the days seemed long and endless, and we would play until the “peeny wallies” (fireflies) came out. In other words, until it was pitch dark! Then, no parent or guardian worried about their children’s safety as the eyes of the entire community monitored and disciplined every child. I also shared how contrary to the culture in the U.S, we would have hot red bean or other soup, and corn, rice, or banana porridge for lunch. Sharing about these memories not only had me salivating, but brought up other fond summer memories.

For instance, one that is still quite vivid was being too excited to sleep when we heard that there might be a hurricane on the horizon, or running out to pick up mangoes, guavas, oranges, or June plums from the ground after a windstorm. We all prayed for hurricanes because at that time, most of us had never experienced one. Little did we know what we were wishing for! It was a crazy wish. A big realization, as I smiled at this memory, was that even during the hurricanes, I was never scared, worried, or apprehensive about whether we would survive. I just knew we would! After all, even the Bible, in Isaiah 49 mentions the people of the islands. So, I believed then and believe now that people will always be on these islands. Fast forward to 40 years later, and my mind takes me back to the many nights of worry and fear about approaching hurricanes as I lived in the Cayman Islands. As I realized the contrast in my emotions as a child vs an adult, I wondered what caused the change in my emotions. Was I an even more fearless teenager than I first imagined? Or was I too young and naïve to understand the gravity of the situation that a hurricane could cause? I am not sure, but one word kept bubbling up, the word trust.

Trust you might say, why? I am glad you asked. I trusted the adults in my life, I trusted God, and I even trusted in myself that I had the survival skills to weather any storm. Ladies and gentlemen, my trust barometer was lower in adulthood than it was as a teen looking out at even more dangerous storms. Then we would pray, batten down the house, and trust God to deliver us. In adulthood, I had let the weather reports, the pictures on the TV, and my belief in my self-sufficiency, erode my trust in God to deliver me in any hurricane or other situation. I was so convicted that I stopped immediately to pray and to repent for doubting God’s power to deliver and to protect. He had done it before, He can and will do it again.

Summers are made for memories and up to last night I made a new one by sleeping in the Miami airport, where I met many friends who, like me, got stranded there after our flight from Atlanta was delayed for three hours because of bad weather. Despite this bit of inconvenience, my skills to survive and to keep safe made this a “new adventure” and something never to be feared again. In fact, it was instead a time of laughter and friendship as one of my new found friends jokingly asked the American Airlines representative for “a blow- up bed, pajamas, and socks” since her feet were getting cold. He laughed back and said “you are at the wrong airport”, while he gave us newly packaged pillows and blankets. In the end, it was a fun filled night!

So, I am working to trust God more as I believe that nothing just happens to Christ followers since He is behind the scenes orchestrating all the events of our lives. Yes, I trust Him that if He takes me to it, He can take me through it, just like He did in Miami last night.


So, what are your fondest summer memories, and what do they reveal about how your life has changed in the years between? Please feel free to share that with me.

I look forward to hearing your stories.

Keep cool and enjoy your summer!

Dr. Meg



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