Purging, Purifying and Refining us in 2019

Posted by forgive4health@gmail.com on January 22, 2019 at 5:05 PM

Purging, Purifying and Refining Us in 2019

Happy New Year to all of our readers, I hope that you are enjoying the year so far. Tell me if it is only me, but does it seems that 2019 is running on skates, and we are all working overtime to keep up? Yes, indeed, 2019 is moving at breakneck speed and I can’t believe that we are already celebrating MLK Junior Day. As usual, I wanted to take some time at the beginning of the year to do some reflection and to challenge each of us to stretch and grow this year. As I reflected on what to share, someone in one of our meetings shared this thought “this is the year where God will purge us, purify the remnants, and refine us” since its time to uproot all the mess in our lives. Wow, this was deep, but somehow the statement rang in my ear. It was almost like it was echoing from heaven! “Lord what does this mean?” I asked.

As I waited, anxiously to hear more, I went into a season of consecration. As I fasted, journaled, and prayed, a few things started to become clear. 2019, it seems, will be a different year! From the weather, to the government shutdown, to other events of the year; thus far, I believe that nothing in our past has prepared us for what this year will bring. However, God in his wisdom is already preparing us for what’s to come, by starting a spiritual purge. Of course, no one comes willingly to a purge, since purges are often unexpected and unpleasant. But, when God orchestrates them, then I know that purges can be helpful.

As I think about a purge, I have come to realize that I started the year moving, cleaning, clearing clutter, and as you might guess, purging my house of things we no longer needed. I also started a 21 day time of consecration, fasting from certain foods, and toxic relationships. This has meant spending more time in the word of God, more time praying, journaling, and worshipping. As I remain open to God’s purge, I am trying to be sensitive to the things HE is trying to purge, prune, or pluck out of my life.

Once the purge ends, then I believe that God will move into a period of purification and refining. Purification means to remove contaminants. If God is purging us, it stands to reason that a season of purification of the remnants will follow. Therefore, we should expect to undergo a season of testing as God works to renew a right spirit within us, and to make us more like Him. Being more like God is almost impossible with hate, unforgiveness, bitterness, pride, injustice, anger, etc. in our lives. So, that is the intent of the purge, or so it seems. In other words, just as my guest stated at our meeting, “it is God’s time to uproot our mess”. The uproot has started, and so I am learning to not hold too tightly onto anything, but to keep a surrendered heart, and to be sensitive to the voice of the Holy Spirit.

Praying Psalm 51, or other ways of asking God to purge me, has often been followed by God revealing things in my life, which I was not even aware of. Once these things are brought into the light I, first, have to face and acknowledge these issues, and next, I have to figure out what I will do about them. This purge calls us into accountability as well as into a united work with God, to figure out what goes or what stays. None of this is pleasant or welcomed, but I believe this to be a very good and necessary action as we step into 2019.

Refining is the last stage of this process, and while I am not sure when this will start, it is clear that business as usual will not work in 2019. Toxic living, unrighteousness, unforgiveness and hate seem to be all around us, but God is calling us as Christ-followers to live at a higher level. He has high standards and while we are unable to attain them on our own, God is our strength and HE will give us the power to achieve the impossible, if we surrender to his plan and purpose and allow him to purge, purify, and refine us in 2019. After all, moving into a new year or a new relationship with mess, weighs us down. So, why would we want to continue doing the same thing and expecting different results in a new year? I bet that you will agree that it is time for drastic changes which begins with a purge, takes us through a period of purification of the remnants, and then refines us into a new life. This will position us well for everything 2019 will throw at us. Let the purge begin! Are you ready and how do you sense God might be purging you as you start this New Year? Please share your GOD story with us.

Happy New Year!

Dr. Meg

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