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FACES: Poems for the Seasons of our Lives

These poems address several life issues as diverse as love, joy, anger, worry, and even death. Poems are classified under nature's four seasons; Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. This book is great for a gift or for adding to one's personal library.
Cost $10/ plus shipping and handling.

Forgiveness and Health in African American Patients: Is there a Place for this in Diabetes Care? This is a special course for doctors, nurses, dietitians, and other health care providers.  Attendees can receive up to four hours of continuing education credits for participating in this course. Participants will start with an assessment of their own forgiveness, participate in small group discussions, complete case studies, and share  their own forgiveness stories, after an update about the health and social realities of African Americans.

Attendees will also learn how to incorporate forgiveness facilitation into their own practices and how to effectively refer patients to other "caring" professionals, such as Chaplains, Parish nurses, or  Counselors as a part of a patient-centered approach to care.

Course cost starts at $75 per participants for 4 CEUs/CMEs.

This is an on-ground course. Online version coming soon.

Forgiveness and Health  in the Church: A Course for Pastors and Religious Leaders

Forgiveness is needed by people of all races. This course focuses on Americans in general and takes pastors and religious leaders through the science behind forgiveness. Pastors will gain tools that will empower them to not only tell congregants how to forgive, but also to teach them how. All attendees will take an assessment of their own forgiveness and gain access to the services of Forgive4 Health Ministries  to provide their congregations with ongoing technical assistance and support.

Cost- $50/person, but varies based on group size.

Call 404-500-9204 to set up an appointment or to schedule a workshop


Forgiveness and Health Course  in the Black Church : A Course for Pastors and Religious Leaders

This course takes pastors and other religious leaders through a forgiveness assessment and shows them how to lead African American congregants through the forgiveness process. Pastors will also learn about the benefits of forgiveness and the impact of unforgiveness on the health and earning potential of congregants. We know that pastors often tell congregants to forgive others who have hurt them, but often cannot teach them how to start this process. This course will provide attendees with the knowledge and skills to guide individuals through the process and to address issues specific to African Americans.

Course cost- $50 /person. Call us at 404-500-9204 for  more details or to schedule a course in your church.This is presently an on-ground course. 

“They Speak from the Pain of Divorce:  Lessons for African American Christians.”

This book shares messages from actual divorcees  who speak candidly about their divorce experiences. The book also offers chapters on several topics including:

• Forgiveness after Divorce

• How to Keep Healthy After Divorce, 

• Divorce and Mental Health, 

• Healthy Relationships Tips for both Men and Women.

Bulk orders available:

  • 8 -10 copies: $10 each +S/H ($3.99 each)
  • 10-50 copies: $9 each +S/H ($3.99 each)

*This book is great for your Singles or Divorce Ministries, Employee Assistant Programs, etc.