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"I am so grateful for the Forgiveness Circles Dr. Meg! Thank you for your beautiful hospitality and welcoming me into the group. I feel welcomed and loved and seen by all of you, and that is a rare and beautiful thing.

Thank you again, and I look forward to next week".

Deborah C, Stone Mountain, GA


" I have learned so much by attending these circles, I am now 92 years old and my life is over, but I wish someone had told me some of this information earlier in my life:.

E. Allen, Decatur, GA



January 13, 2019

This was a wonderful book ! What a beautiful and much needed ministry you have. This book has helped me with my grieving. Thank you!

-Mandy J, Nurse, WA


Here are a few reviews from Pastors or other National Thought Leaders about our new book, " They Speak from the Pain of Divorce: Lessons for African American Christians”. Hope these comments spark your interest and encourages you to purchase a copy.


“This book is a great resource for counselors, persons who are divorced, and couples considering divorce. I only wished it was available when I went through my divorce”.-Rev. Dr. Michael D. Stinson, M.Div., M.D., Senior Pastor, Bethel United Methodist Church, Atlanta, Georgia


"I strongly believe the research results shared in this book should be widely disseminated among African American clergy". -Pastor Emanuel Williams, Visitation Pastor/Chaplain, The Assemblies of God Tabernacle, Decatur, GA


“This book is like one of my favorites to date!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I truly love it. It is definitely God inspired and I pray that every Pastor purchases a copy. It should be a must read for all considering remarriage”.- Rev. Dayna Spence, Chaplain, Author, West Chester, Philadelphia


“Forgiveness is one of the most important yet overlooked aspects of our mental, emotional, and spiritual health. As a Pastor for more than 30 years, I can tell you that some of the major problems that I encounter with families or individuals is the need to forgive another person. In every case, forgiveness is not just important it is essential for their healing. Dr. Magon Saunders has done a profound work in demonstrating both our need for forgiveness and its implications for health in general. While we in the emotional or spiritual arena have touched on forgiveness, we did not have the broader reach into the medical and social spheres that Dr. Saunders adds. This research and accompanying book is a game changer for me. Magon is not only a social scientist but she is a woman of faith that has dealt with all of the challenges of life and still has thrived. I am so blessed to call Magon a friend and now a mentor in the area of forgiveness, healing, and wellness”.

-Rev. Michel J. Faulkner, President,The Institute for Leadership, Pastor, New Horizon Church, Harlem, New York


Dear Magon: Congratulations on the publication of "They Speak From the Pain of Divorce". I appreciate you sending the review copy and enjoyed looking at it. Your research is important, and I’m hopeful this work will help churches better minister to African-Americans who are experiencing the pain of divorce. For a long time, I’ve had a burden for placing DivorceCare in more African-American churches, and would welcome any ideas you have on how to achieve this goal.


Steve Grissom, Founder, Divorce Care, Church Initiative, PO Box 1739, Wake Forest, NC 27588


August 31, 2014

Hello Magon: Thank you for trusting me with your book. Congratulations on having the vision to give voice to a most important topic affecting the lives and beliefs of many Christians. Thank you.

Nurse V. Jones, Decatur, GA


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